Project Timeline

If all goes well, my project will be following a timeline roughly like the one below. A brief overview of key milestones:

Summer: Background Research (become familiar with the literature and creative process artifacts, conduct preliminary interviews with potential users, assemble participant recruitment kit)

September: Exploratory Research (recruit participants, conduct user interviews, fieldwork and observations, contextual inquiry)

October: Generative Research phase (assemble creative modeling kits, collage kits and any other generative research materials; conduct research activity sessions)

Mid-November: Conception and Ideation (generate solutions and conduct “speed dating” sessions). Literature and artifact review drafted.

Early December: Begin prototyping solutions. Prepare for poster presentations.

Late January: Finish prototyping solutions. Begin Evaluative Research phase (user testing).

February – mid-March: Continue with evaluation and refinement.

Early April: First rough draft of thesis due to advisor.

Mid-April: Present at Thesis Poster Session.

Mid-April – May: Refine and finish thesis document.